Be Inspired - Shiny Silver

Words to Inspire

“Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold.” 
 Maurice Setter

Photos to Inspire

As a jewelry artist I love silver. I not only love the color, but how it shines. Today's collection of inspiring photos showcases the beauty of the color silver.

Source: baenk.com via G E R R Y on Pinterest

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  1. Stunning images! Love the reflection of the room in the balloon!

  2. Cool photos! The bubbles are really neat. Silver is my favorite metal to work with! Nothing else shines quite like it!

  3. I'm a silver person as well. My engagement ring is white gold. I find it sometimes hard to force myself to work with gold when making jewelry to sell. I try to remember that some people prefer it.

  4. Fantastic pictures...I love the balloon!!

  5. Oh me too...I haven't caught on to this gold trend, I just love my silver too much:)

  6. I prefer silver over gold. Nothing compares to the shine and sparkle! Awesome photos!

  7. I love the circles! The reflections are very inspiring.

  8. How cool...love the bubbles and the balloon!


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