Be Inspired - Shades of Purple

Words to Inspire

“If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.” 
 Tom Peters

Photos to Inspire

Purple is one of my favorite colors. Today's collection of photos show the many shades of purple.

Source: flickr.com via Laura on Pinterest

Source: photo.net via Eye on Pinterest

Source: piccsy.com via Valerie on Pinterest

Source: 500px.com via Valerie on Pinterest

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love a deep, rich shade of purple!

  2. All of them are beautiful! My all-weather jacket is the colour of those bowls in the first picture and I do love the aliums!

  3. I looooooove purple. So does my fiance'. His big truck is purple with a meteor streaking down the side.

  4. Gorgeous, especially that first nature scene!

  5. The purples here are so rich! Great round up.

  6. Eveything is beautiful! I particularly love the blackberries photo (one of my favorite fruits). That would be perfect hanging in a kitchen!

  7. Even though pink is my fave color, I find myself drawn to purple quite often!

  8. Purple is actually one of my least favorite colors...I think it has something to do with my red hair and I can't wear purple, so I've kind of just grown to dislike it.

    However those blackberries in the top photo are absolutely scrumptious looking!!

  9. I love all of the purples! I'm currently working on a purple blanket.

  10. Mysterious, mystical purple, the color of nobility. Love the pictures, they're all wonderful but the one with the blackberries has really left an impression on my brain. All I can think of is; what a great pie they would make. :D


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