Art and Craft Show Neighbors

This past weekend I had a two day show that was not as good as I hoped it would be, but I meet lots of wonderful vendors and had a good time hanging out with my sister!

When shows are slow vendors have a tendency to get negative.

I had a couple of  neighbors, who I thought were doing really well, complain both days. They had nothing nice to say about the promoters or the show in general.

Another neighbor around us was very loud and kind of rude. He practically pulled people out of the isle to come look at his stuff, and then proceeded to tell people that he had the best, most unique stuff at the show and that nothing else at the show could compare to his amazing work. He even rolled his eyes and made snotty comments if people walked away and did not purchase.

It made for great people watching, but I was pretty annoyed with both of these neighbors by the end of the show. When I talked to them I tried to stay positive and just let them complain. Luckily they packed up and left early.

Personally I may complain to my sister but I would never complain to another vendor or a promoter. Most of the time it is not their fault and complaining is just a waste of time. I try to find the positive from events like that, and just start planning my next event. My sister and I had a good time laughing, talking, and making plans for next year and that made it a great weekend for me.

What are your thoughts about negative show neighbors, or even loud  rude neighbors?
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  1. Good for you! I try to stay positive and not complain to the person, unless it's truly necessary. I might complain to my husband or friends just to air my thoughts, but staying positive is usually the best road to take!

  2. sorry that the show didn't go as well as you'd hoped. I admit to being very very scared about mine on Sat. My friends have said some of my prices are too low, but I really need to move my inventory b/c things are just piling up and I need to make sales. I try to stay positive. But Mercury just went retrograde so i'm not surprised that the complaining started over the weekend. Fortunately it'll be over on 11/26.

  3. sadly this can be a common occurence, I try to avoid people like that, I don't want their negative karma clouding my day! If they insist on complaining to me I like to say vapid cheerful things back, it usually dampens their sour :)

  4. I definitely agree with you about neighbors who are loud, rude, and/or negative. It isn't beneficial to anyone to spend most of a show complaining. It sets a bad tone among vendors and can rub customers the wrong way if they overhead something.

  5. I always choose to stay positive. It's too easy to go down that negative path and just lose your way. Good for you!

  6. It's hard to stay positive when you're surrounded by others who are negative. I think it happens a lot at craft shows. As a shopper, I tend to avoid the space of a complaining or rude vendor. It's sad that it happens so much.
    I love your colorful set up!

  7. Sounds like the complaining vendors need to attend one of Bruce Bakers lectures. He gives fantastic advice for arts and craft show vendors and one of them is "never be negative" even if the show is awful and you don't make a single sale, if anyone asks how you're doing, you should always smile and say you're doing amazingly. I learned so much from the one lecture of his that I attended. If you're interested here's the url to his webpage http://bbakerinc.com/
    (Oh and btw Mr. Baker is a professional jewelry artist.)

    But no one really likes to have to listen to people moan, groan and complain all day . . . least of all customers. :)