One Thing

Last year I challenged myself to do 100 sales in 100 days from September through the Holidays. It was also the time that Etsy changed their search function to relevancy. In October of last year I had terrible sales, only 8 sales for the entire month.

I shared my dismay in one of my posts and a few days later I received a Etsy conversation from someone in our blog community.

She was very kind. She shared tips for changing my titles, gave me ideas for tags, and explained how the new relevancy function worked on Etsy.

This information changed everything for me and my business. I spent a couple months working on my titles and tags and things in my Etsy shop started to move. I had a great 2011 holiday season, and this year has been my best year on Etsy.

That one message changed my business, and changed it for the better. 

What's one experience that's changed the way you do business today?

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  1. I need to reopen my Etsy shop but it's so flooded w/ crafts and jewelry I'm afraid no one will find it. And it's sooooooo cumbersome trying to list items. they ask for way too much info. Not to mention my having to resize every photograph.

  2. I don't think I have had a certain experience. My business is still very new. When I opened my shop again a fellow blogger noticed I should improve my tags for relevancy. So, I worked on it and I did some improvement with views but not yet sales. But, I still keep working at it!

  3. This is really recent for me, but I think something that's really changed my business for the better, is the understanding of doing my work with purpose... as well as passion.

    At the beginning of the year, my goal was to read more creative business books, and while I didn't find the time to read as many as I would have liked, it opened up a new understanding for me, that I am now committed to reading more, and wanting to soak up more knowledge (which I think also provides a lot of confidence I was lacking before).

    Cheers to you for having your best year yet on Etsy, and best wishes for the upcoming season! :)

    ♥ Janell

  4. It's great that someone was willing to help you like that and has resulted in your best year. When I had an Etsy shop, I felt invisible in the sea of shops.

  5. I grew up with an entrepreneur mom, and she taught me all about customer service! She influenced me to always think about the customer, and so that's what always try to do! =0)

  6. I agree with JoJo and Annette, my shop has been virtually invisible with little traffic and in 3 months, only 1 sale.

    I've tried all the so called "tricks" of getting found via SEO. Changed tags, keywords, improved my photos and spend most of my life on the computer trying to beef-up my online presence by having accounts in at least 30 different sites. I've recently "blown" $50 for ads . . . all for absolutely nothing. ! :(

    At times I feel it may be just dumb luck that makes some shops so popular or maybe it's some strange cosmic force of the Universe that propels some to the top while others sink like stones to the bottom?


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