DIY Friday - Creative Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the easiest way give your home the feel of autumn. They warm up your home and are super easy to decorate. There are so many ways to decorate your pumpkins besides carving them. Here is a list of unique ideas for decorating your pumpkins.

Spray Painted and emblished
Glitter Pumpkins
Wire embellished
Tack Embellished 
Rhinestone embellished
Once you have embellished your pumpkins, try one of these ideas to display your creations.

What is your favorite way to embellish your pumpkins?

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  1. Very creative! I like the look of the white ones with the black silhouettes.

  2. I've seen some really fun decorated pumpkins, but I don't do any decorating. I like mine plain!

  3. Very inspiring! I love the glitter ones :)

  4. The glitter pumpkins are great, but all of these are fabulous ideas! =0)

  5. Awesome ideas as always! It's amazing how creative people are when it comes to decor.

  6. Lovely ideas you've posted. I love white pumpkins, and you have added some great ideas. I really like the table center piece of pumpkins so perfect for a table scape for thanksgiving. Love your blog so much!!!

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  7. My favorite way with pumpkins is Pumpkin Pie. :)

    I do love all of the many different ways you've shown to decorate the humble pumpkin with out resorting to a knife. :)


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