Motivation Monday

Find Your Inner Leader

It comes naturally to some.
To most, it's cloaked in self-doubt and fear.
But we all have an inner leader.
Whether it be on the big stage or in our private world, as a parent, a friend, a mentor: 
the power is within us.

Now is the time by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. Great motivation to start the week with! I love that photo and looking foward to foliage!!!

  2. Beautiful photo!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. It is hard to find the inner leader and sometimes takes years... Isn't it funny how some people just know things that others need great efforts to learn!

  4. LOVE that picture. My inner leader peeks out every now and then, lol. More often now that I run a B&M store. Who knew I was a leader?

  5. Love this post. We all have an inner leader, and sometimes it's just hard to find. =0)

  6. I think some of my friends see me as a leader but I sure don't. And if I am, it's reluctantly...


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