5 Questions About Your Product

We make stuff, we sell stuff, but how often do we think about our product and why we create.

I am guilty of doing this all the time. I make stuff to sell stuff, even if it's not my favorite.

Taking the time to review our products is an important part of the marketing and selling process.

Today I have five questions for you to reflect on your product and discover something new about yourself and what you make.

1. Is it better to be good or original? Why?

2. What do you create that lets you be your most creative?

3. What do you create that offers the greatest potential to make a lot of money?

4. What is more important to you, to create for fun or money? Why?

5. How do you strike a balance between what you love to make and what will make you the most money?

Click below to print out an copy of these 5 questions in a one page easy to answer format.

Click here for your copy
Take your time with the questions. These question will give you a better understanding about why you create and where to focus your ideas to get to the next level. Once you have concluded what is important to you about creating, it will be easier to plan for what you need to create to achieve your goals.

Answering these questions was important part of my creative business redesign. I hope they will inspire you and your creative process.

How often do you review the products you offer?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes feel I have to answer these questions when I make things. Sometimes I feel the things I like..aren't necessarily things that will sell.

  2. This is a great activity. I really don't sit down and reflect like this enough!

  3. I do prefer to create for fun but it'd be nice to make a little money. I review the stuff I have to offer whenever I'm considering selling on Etsy.

  4. These are great questions to ponder. I have had to reevaluate my product lines many times over the years and I'm probably due again soon.

  5. These are great questions. I've been thinking about this very topic a lot lately, am I selling the right things for the right reasons? Thank you for this!!


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