Diy Friday - Newspaper

We read the paper, we recycle the paper, today's projects turn the newspaper in to useful and beautiful objects.

Not practical but beautiful

Newspaper artwork

What have you created with newspaper?

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  1. Gorgeous! I love gift wrapping with newspaper. It always looks so classy.

  2. I've never done anything w/ newspaper, I mean other than childhood crafts with my Campfire Girls Group (a woven mat to sit on and I think we did paper mache). The ink is always so messy that's why I don't even get the paper.

  3. Very inspired as always! The spiky ornaments are striking.

  4. Fabulous items! I love that little plant pot and the dress too!

  5. What amazing works of art! I have created compost with newspapers. Does that count? :-)

  6. The dress is breathtaking - but yes, definitely impractical. Back in the 60's they came out with some paper clothing but it didn't catch on. One of the girls in the office where I worked, wore a cute little black and white paper shift to work. She had to go home before lunch to change, as the dress was starting to tear under the armpits. Well it was a good idea - sort of. :D

    I have made some newspaper bows, and have used the newspaper (especially the Sunday Comics section) for wrapping paper. Then of course there was the old paper mache art projects but with newspaper it was horribly messy. Once we tried making fireplace logs out of newspaper - there was an article in a magazine telling how one could do this. But my hubby and I found the logs just never wanted to burn - it certainly wasn't an effective "poor man's" version of Duraflame Fireplace Logs. :D.

  7. Love all of these newspaper finds! We've made a handbag like the one you've shown (it took a really long time), and we've made paper beads and origami boxes. =)
    Great post, and Happy Friendship Day to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  8. Cool ideas and creations! I love those bangles and they are so wearable! I have used newspapers for wrapping, especially the comics. It looks fantastic compared to typical wrapping paper.


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