Over time creating  becomes easy, and we are able to create our items quickly and efficiently. 

When you are ready to take your artwork to the next level it may be time to create some constraints for yourself. It sounds contradictory, but when it comes to creative work, limitations mean freedom.

Did you know that when Dr. Seuss wrote Cat in The Hat he used only 236 words, and as a challenge his editor bet him he could not write a book with only 50 words. Well Dr. Seuss won that bet writing Green Eggs and Ham which is one of the best selling children's book of all time.

When I started creating jewelry I used every convenience I could to make the process of creating my pieces easy. As I perfected my skills, I needed more challenges and I stopped using certain items and creating them myself.

When I was creating my sterling silver art jewelry, I was only working with wire and sheet metal. I created my own ear wires, chains, clasps, and other findings. It challenged me creatively and those challenges made me create some of my best work.

When I started creating with the hardware, I had even more constraints. The hardware is a set shape, a shape I usually cannot change, and trying to come up with interesting wearable ideas is always my challenge. I love this about hardware and this has been the most inspiring material I have worked with yet.

Constraints can be inspiring. 

What kind of constraints can you create to be inspired and grow as an artist?

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  1. Yes, it sounds contradictory but you are so right! The constraints you are talking about can help the artist use her imagination more and rely on outer things less. Great point!

  2. The one "constraint" that has always worked for me so far is to use what I have in my stash at the moment for finishing my design. It has made me come up with some out-of-the box ideas to do wht I want to do

  3. Hmn...I hadn't really thought of this before. But it's so true: the do help us to grow! I'm not sure what I do in my own work, I'd have to think on that some...

  4. That's an interesting question. Seems all things do have boundaries or constraints. Setting limitations could be a way of encouraging one to find new paths on their journey of creativity. I'll have to mull that thought over for a while. :)


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