DIY Friday - Garden Inspirations

This time of year we are spending time outside and enjoying our gardens. I found several cool ideas you can easily do to personalized your garden and make it a fun place to hang out.

Add light to your garden

Garden Chandelier
Can Lanterns
Mosaic glass block light
A little water would be nice

Butterfly feeder
Rock Fountain
Create unique planters

Pallet Garden
Hanging basket garden
Then add some special touches

Mosaic Garden Balls
Stepping stone
Rustic garden tags
If you don't have a garden, or live in a city some of these items will still work for you. The pallet garden and the hanging basket garden would be great on a balcony. The garden chandler would be a nice additions in the corner of a room and the rustic garden tags would be fun to add to all your indoor plants.

What have you created fun for your garden this year?
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  1. DYING to try the mosaic balls. I'm not an outdoor/garden person though and I spend summers hiding inside, in the a/c.

  2. So many pretty ideas! I love the stepping stones and the can lanterns!

  3. Wow, great collection of garden finds! Love the Rock Fountain and the Pallet Garden!

  4. I saw the pallet planter before and really want to do it! It's on the to-do when I can list:) Most likely not till next year!

  5. Love the mosaics! I have to try this :)

  6. Going to check out the Butterfly Feeder, tfs these ♥

  7. Very inspired as always! It is amazing how many simple ways you can customize outdoor space.

  8. What a great idea for those glass blocks. Ive always loved mosaics and have just purchased some hand made glazed tiles to do something wonderful with when we build out next house! Julie

  9. I wish I had a garden so I could make all of these lovely things!

  10. I love all these ideas. The stepping stone is really cool. It reminds me of being a kid and leaf rubbing with crayons to pick up the beautiful veins!

  11. Great ideas for garden or patio and all are economical too.


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