New Ways to Think About Time

We measure time with numbers on a clock and squares on a calendar, but what if you measured time not by how long it takes to do something but by how much we learn from doing it.

We know how long something takes, when we have deadlines, and what time to show up at appointments, but what if you allowed yourself to open up opportunities to measure time by something less arbitrary and far more meaningful.

For example:
How much can  you learn
How much joy you feel
How relaxed you feel
How connected are you to what you love to do

If you think about it you have experienced this kind of time before. Think about all the special moments in your life, you remember the intensity of the experience, how it made you feel emotionally, the quality of the color, or even the scents, but rarely how long it took. Our minds seem to automatically assign non-arbitrary time to these moments, but more meaningful experiences about the time spent.

Incorporating these new measurements of time will help you become less aware of the time and more aware of the present moment, unearthing new uplifting beliefs and ideas about time and life.

Do you have another suggestions for measuring time?

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  1. Great post Valerie and soooooo true!!

  2. I like this perspective, it can connect you in a new way, tfs!

  3. lovely thoughts! the special moments in time are measured by breaths in my mind - the moment you realize you are in love - the first time you see your newborn - the moment a loved one dies - the moment you connect with another - breaths!

  4. So true! I need to stop and think about things this way sometimes. I get so caught up in crossing things off my list I really don't reflect on actions taken & lessons learned enough!

  5. Great concept Valerie! I will start thinking more about what I am getting out of the used time. I can definately see how this will create new inspiration!

  6. Hi Valerie. thank you so much for post this, you really do inspire! as usual!

  7. I suck at measuring time the traditional way and I understood why thanks to you! It's because I measure time with memories, feelings and experiences. I never know which year happened what unless I remember a special occasion. It is not exactly useful in our modern world but that's the way I am and I like it :D

    Thank you for another amazingly inspiring post!

  8. I have all the time in the world now that I'm not working yet it still goes by way too fast.

  9. I couldn't agree more! Now that I'm working from home full-time, time flies by! I'm enjoying every minute of every day..and I hardly look at the numbers on the clock :)

  10. Such a great way to look at it. There is so much more value in time, than seconds and minutes...

  11. I read an article that time is actually an illusion! The only time is NOW. I'm working on making the most in the present moment!

  12. I was just lamenting about time, so this is a 'timely' post. :)
    thanks for this needed shift in perspective.


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