Motivation Monday

You have created your goal, planned out your action steps, and started on the path to achieving success.

To stay motivated to finish up your action steps, use your to-do list to motivate yourself to work little harder for the rewards of success.

It is a proven fact that people are motivated not by what they have already accomplished, but by finishing up what is left to do on the list. 

Next time you have a project with a long to-do list, review your list often. As you see things being removed and that your list is getting shorter, you will be inspired to finish up all your necessary tasks.

                    Source: operationorganization-mn.com via Valerie on Pinterest

Does your to-do list motivate you to finish tasks quickly?

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  1. It's not so much my to do list that motivates me, it's the mess of craft projects piling up around me that motivates me to make headway on them so that I can have an inch of space on my craft table. lol

  2. My to-do list is endless. In fact, it is a to-do notebook. The best feeling is crossing out what's been done!

  3. I live for to-do lists! I create one each morning and I do find it motivating to keep going when I cross items off the list!

  4. This is so true! It is a great way to stay focused too!


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