Is it Time to Re-vamp Your Creative Business?

If you have been in business for years or just a few months it's always good to look at your business closely every few months,  and see what you can re-vamp to make your business function at it's best.

When you are doing the evaluation of your business, their are several area you should consider:

Re-think how you feel about your business - Do you like what you do? Are you making the money you need to make? What is working? What is not working? Are you inspired by your business?

Re-vamp your physical environment - How is your work space, Are your comfortable in your space? What can you do to make your space the perfect working environment? Do you like the color? Is it organized the way you want?

Re- inspire your products - Are your products moving as quickly as you want them too? Do you need to find a new source of inspiration? Does your product have more then one use? Can you market it differently? Do you like it?

Re-design your shop, blog, and social media - Is it time to create a new banner and avatar? How are your Etsy shop sections? Do you need to update your tags and titles? Is your blog drawing the readers you want? Are you writing content that inspires you and your readers? Are you on social media sites you enjoy?

Refresh yourself - Do you have a daily routine? Are you taking care of yourself? Do you have positive thoughts about your business daily?

Don't limit yourself to just these questions. As you start answering questions new ones will come up, make sure you write those down as well. When you are done with the question answering process, create a list of all the thing you want to change.

Don't try to change everything at once, work slowly. Choose one or two projects, put the action steps on your to-do list and work on them until they are complete.

Reevaluate you changes after a month and then again at 6 months. Make sure everything is working to your satisfaction. Make any changes necessary, and watch the business you love grow.

Going through this process will get you thinking about your business, how you can make it better, explore new ideas, and get inspired to make the changes you need for your success.

When was the last time you re-evaluated your business?

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  1. Great tips! My brain never stops so I am constantly tweaking things related to these ideas. Making changes is a great way to rejuvenate a business (and our mental well being)!

  2. These are great tips and ideas. Currently I am making different kinds of crafts to see what I should branch out into. There's a glut of jewelry out there and I've been turned down b/c shops just have too much of it.

  3. In my other shop I have recently revamped the photos of all the haberdashery. It took ages, but I finally got the look I was aiming for. I'm pleased to say that they are selling far better now!

  4. I'd love to revamp my work area! I have too much stuff and not enough space! I need to reevaluate what needs to be in this room and what can go upstairs in storage!

  5. Great tips, staying stagnant won't satisfy or inspire. I'm going to work on photos.

  6. Good Post. In the back of my mind, I have been toying around with changing things up a bit. Thanks for the call to action and great tips.


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