Music Inspiration

I picked up my daughter from college last week (I can't believe how fast the year went), and I let her drive home. Since she drove she had to listen to music. I personally prefer to listen to a book or even ride quietly when I travel.

I figured since I did not have to drive that I would take the time to come up with new ideas and plan out my schedule for the next few weeks.

I realized that listening to music does not really inspire me. I sat in the car for a couple of hours and came up with no ideas, except the idea for this post.

I thought about it and I can't think of any type of music that has really got my creative juices flowing.

So here's a question for you:

Are you inspired by music?

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  1. Classical music actually inspires me. Sometimes Billy Holiday. Old stuff! But I also love to listen to everything from Tori Amos to Metallica although modern music does not invoke inspiration for me.

  2. I like music, but I'm not really sure it inspires me. I like old stuff, Frank, Dino etc...It's happy and it puts a smile on my face. I usually do put the records on while I'm cooking. :-)

  3. Oh definitely, and mostly the Grateful Dead's live music is inspirational to me! But that said, when I'm in my craft room, I usually prefer the quiet vs. playing music. I love listening to it in the car though, singing at the top of my lungs and car dancing.

  4. I like listening to music while I'm working and creating things. I do feel inspired but I feel that it gives me focus so I can concentrate on what I am doing. Plus, it also depends on the music. If it's not your thing then you are definitely not going to feel anything.

  5. I am absolutely inspired by music... I can feel it in my bones, and it just makes me want to move. Music has a lot to do with my mood too, I listen to all kinds, old school to the new stuff. ;)

  6. Music inspired me when I was younger. Nowadays it mostly burdens me. Especially the music teenagers listen to (am I getting older?) But I have found some kinds of music, like chill-out or other, mainly instrumental music, sometimes classical as well that let my mind roam freely and sometimes even fly. In these moments I get very inspired. I have a favorite Icelandic band that I listen to while processing photos, they are so whimsical and I think their influence can easily be seen on my art as well!

  7. I am inspired by music. When I'm writing or working on other things online, I prefer to listen to classical or jazz without words or the radio. When I'm working in the kitchen or driving long distances, I like to listen to music with words.

  8. That's interesting, Valerie, because most people say exactly the opposite! Music does inspire me, actually; I'll often have an idea spark from the lyrics of a song. And even when I'm not getting ideas from it, music exhilarates me and moves me, and so inspires me in a different way. :)

    It's neat, though, how you realized something new about yourself. :)

  9. No, I'm way too visual -- I'm more likely to be inspired by a painting or a page in a magazine. That being said, though, I love to have music on once the inspiration has hit and I'm working on something -- old blues, mostly (B.B. King, Muddy Waters, etc), but really anything with a good beat. I find having something to dance around to seems to get my fingers and my brain to work better together :)


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