DIY Friday

I love to make cards during the holidays and for gifts. When you make cards yourself you can personalize them and make them look exactly as you want. Here are a few tutorials for creating your own cards and envelopes. These idea are perfect for personalized Mothers Day cards.

gift cards and envelopes
Pop up Cards
Watercolor card ideas
This link has lots of great ideas
What is your favorite type of card to make?
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  1. Love handmade cards!

    That celery art project is awesome - I've done that with my little preschoolers for a few years now - it's so sweet!

  2. I love handmade cards too. Especially those that use clever ways of stamping with food items!

  3. Great idea for a feature! I love those button envelopes. I like to make just about any card that involves using buttons, ribbons, and/or stamps.

  4. Wow, that celery idea is fantastic! How cool, I love it! Actually, all of these cards are adorable. So cute, thanks for sharing!

  5. I love making cards for any occasion, but the design process is very time consuming. As an aside, I brought a few to the post office to mail since I was out of stamps and the woman there complained to me about 'these homemade cards' and how they jam up their machines b/c of the bulkiness of them. Some of them I've had to mail out in padded envelopes b/c of the brads or whatever.

  6. I love handmade cards too :)
    The roseprint made with celery sticks is amazing! Off to check it out!!
    have a great week,

  7. Awesome ideas! Love the celery stamping idea. The texture is so neat. Now that gives me other ideas for what to use as a stamp!

  8. That celery print is ingenious!!


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