Monday Motivation

Blogging can be challenging, and it can be difficult to stay motivated when you are trying to balance your home life and your business.

Creating and maintaining your blog can be time consuming, and it's hard to stay motivated when you are felling stressed about the upkeep of your blog.

There are a few simple ways to stay motivated through your blogging process and have the time you need for your family and business.

Plan ahead - Create a blogging calendar to keep track of your ideas. Having a list of ideas ready makes blogging easier. (More ideas to plan for your blog tomorrow 5/23)

Write short posts - They say you only get 1 minute to attract someones attention and if it takes more then 3 minutes to read a post they will move on. Sometimes a posts with few words or just photos is all you need.

Mix it up - Plan a variety of topics. Keep your readers coming back with something new each week.

Create regular features - Having regular features makes it easier to schedule your posts. I have two regular features Motivation Monday and Be Inspired making my blog planning easier.

Pre-publish - Write your posts a few at a time, and schedule them to post throughout the week. I usually write posts on Sunday for the entire week, then I don't have to worry about my blog for week.

It's easy to stay motivated about your blog when you don't have to worry about what you are going to post.
What is one thing that you find challenging about blogging?

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  1. Great post! I always try to have a bunch of blog posts 'in the can' as they say in the film world, ready to publish. Mostly photos.

  2. Planning ahead! I will keep trying.Thanks, as always, for the great advice, Valerie!

  3. Thanks for the post - having had a 2 week hiatus, I really needed to read this!


    For me the most challenging is keeping up with other blogs - reading and commenting and following. It is becoming more and more time consuming because there are sooo many blogs out there that I love ,,, it's hard to balance.


  4. You are very good at this. . . I on the other hand have had so many changes in life lately, I've taken the stress of my blog off my plate by not doing it. This post is a good reminder that I can work through it... thanks!

  5. Awesome tips! For the most part, I do follow all of them. Brainstorming ideas for the month ahead of time and scheduling posts in advance makes all the difference for me.

  6. Great tips for getting organized. Over time I fell into a groove of blogging once a week to leave me plenty of time to visit other blogs in between.

  7. good tips! sometimes time will fly by and i realized i have neglected my poor blog.. these are great tips. ;)

  8. Fantastic tips Valerie! The most challenging thing for me is coming up with ideas to write about. But I've started writing ideas down when I think of them so I always have a list to look at when I'm looking at a blank screen.

  9. Very good list; I tried to do most of these things, but keeping the idea list is probably what I should most work on as too soon the idea flies away!

  10. Great ideas!! I find the hardest part is keeping a regular blogging schedule - my work sched changes from week to week and that's why sometimes my blog has more posts than others. :-( Not much I can about that, but maybe planning ahead and doing an extra one when I've got the time might help.

  11. Great blogging tips! I tried having a regular feature on Sundays, but there wasn't much interest in the topic, so I dropped it. I have plenty of ideas for my blog, but find I can only write posts when I'm "in the mood" :)

  12. I have the most trouble finding the time. I have loads of ideas but no time!


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