Your Creative Space - Choosing the Right Color

The color of your studio/office can be inspiring and even help you concentrate. Choosing the right color for your space is important, the color can affect your mood and productivity. You want your studio/office to be an inviting space where you enjoy spending time.

Here are some color scheme ideas for your creative space:

White - This is a classic color for a studio because it reflects light and can be a neutral background for your art work. White can give the feel of openness and airiness, but can also feel a cold. Warm up white with wood furniture and trim.

Blue - is known as the relaxing color, and is a good choice for an office/studio. Be careful of the shade of blue you choose, you don't want it to have a lot of gray in it because that can bring down your mood.

Purple - Lighter shades of purple are also relaxing. While darker purples are dramatic. Choose the shade that will best suit your mood.

Green - A neutral and soothing color that goes with just about anything. Depending on the shade it can be too relaxing, add a little yellow to it to give it a little more energy.

Yellow - This is the perfect color to brighten up a space. It's considered the happy color. It can give you an emotional boost everyday you enter your work space. When painting your walls stick with paler shades, brighter shades can cause irritation and frustration.

Red - This energizing and stimulating color can be a boost to your creativity, but too much red can be overwhelming and too stimulating. Instead of doing a whole room in red, just do one wall or use it for your accessories.

If painting is not an option in your space, try adding a bright desk chain, a rug, colorful accents on book shelves, with desk accessories and storage boxes, and over sized art work. There is always a way to add the pop of color you need.

Before you add any color to your space, decide how your space will be used. If it's mostly for doing office work you may want brighter shades to to keep you motivated. If it's your studio space, maybe a neutral background so your art colors the space. Choose your colors based on what helps you function at your best.

Choosing a color is a personal choice, but if you plan well and choose the color that is going to inspire you to do your best work, you will be happy with your space for years.

What color is your studio/office space?

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  1. The room has gone through several uses and now it's MINE! So, I've left it neutral beigey color and have enough color on the walls, shelves, rug, and furniture to make the room lively. Lots of natural light (when it's sunny) from two windows.

    What color is your working space?

  2. My new studio (as of 2010) is white on white... with one big stripe of grey-green.

    My old studio was warm colors, had multiple inspiration boards and momentoes on large shadowboxes. I found that was way too distracting for me to get anything accomplished and in order to get any work done, I need to feel like I'm starting from a blank slate (hence my white funiture in a white room). My one exception is the birch wood conference room table I put in the middle that is my work surface.

  3. I'm so fascinated by color theory! My studio is mostly yellow shades, with a bit of gray, blue, and dark wood. I'd love to paint the walls again, because they've been the same for years!

  4. Very timely for me - I was thinking recently about painting my "studio" but I've decided to leave it white. I love looking at the gorgeous work spaces you choose :) Abby

  5. My "studio" is my laundry room, an unfinished room in our basement that we renovated two years ago. My entire family groaned when they saw the color I was painting it...a very soft pink. I held my ground. I told them, "It's my room. Just shut the door and back away!"
    The appliances and my working tables are white so it's bright and cheery. It remindes me of my garden through the long winters in Canada.
    It's my "girly" spot and I love it!

  6. I don't have a dedicated space yet. We're in transition. But when I do get one, I love the green room you have posted. . . I may pop mine with some stronger accent colors. I love decor!

  7. I love the lavender/pale purple one! My spaces have always been white b/c I just happen to choose living spaces that have white walls. Since I put lots and lots of colourful stuff/art on the walls, the white works well.

  8. This is such a cool post!

    colour is fascinating to me, it has such an impact on mood and atmosphere... i'd have to say white would be my first choice for an art studio or crafting space - a blank canvas for me to colour with my creations!

  9. My room is white, but I'm planning to paint it a pale pink. I read that it has the same effect as red and it's my favorite color!

  10. Love all the color inspiration, thanks for posting this! I have a small space, so for now it's white with lots of colorful artsy things on the walls, but I might be up for a change one of these days {which would mean taking everything down so I could paint, oy!} :)

  11. Oh my goodness, those offices are so beautiful! My personal favorite colors are green, blue and purple, and I think having a room with one of those color schemes would be fantastic. :) Those gorgeous work spaces make me want to create an office all my own, haha! Love love love it. ;)

  12. So many options! This is certainly one of those things that is different for everyone. My home office is a pretty mauve which I adore!


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