An Interview with Timothy Adam

I have been following Tim and his career since 2008. I have purchased his ebooks, taken his e-courses, and been reading his blogs for years. He has built a huge following and is an expert in starting, running, and marketing an Etsy shop.

He is not only passionate about sharing his knowledge, but he is also an amazing metal artist. He creates furniture, jewelry displays, and has a collection of unique jewelry. Visit his Etsy shop to see all of his inspired pieces.

When I decided to start Inspired Success Week I knew I wanted to do and interview with Tim. I was thrilled when he agreed and volunteered to help with spread the word.  Thanks Tim!

I have had to pleasure to follow your career of creating amazing metal artwork, a variety of blogs and websites, and writing a book. How is your business different today then when you started selling online?
I remember the day I started ... and sadly it was on ebay... I tried selling my Les Paul Coffee table on ebay and lost $40 in listing fees and never sold it... blah. Then a friend told me about Etsy...... that's where it all began! I started my shop in February of 2007 and had to quit my job a year and a half later due to the volume of sales.. I even had to hire my friend to help me fill orders during the Christmas season. During those crazy years I actually found the time to blog and grow a social media network. Fast forward to today, and my business is very different then when I first started. I still sell my metal all over the world, but it has slowed. The main part of my business is Handmadeology. The blog , Handmadeology Pro, and the Etsy shop.

Read more about Handmadeology Pro
You are passionate about helping other creative individuals with their businesses, what inspires you to share everything you have learned about building a business online?
There is one story that inspires me to this day, and here it is. In 2008 I was blogging on my old blog teaching sellers how to run an Etsy shop, and I received an email from an Etsy seller. She said she was following my tips and started to set up her shop when she lost her job at the bank. She went on to say that her shop took off and now she was making more selling on Etsy then she ever did at the bank. So you ask what inspires me? If I can teach someone how to make extra money to help pay the bills from selling what they love to make then my job is done! I love hearing from people that this blog post helped, or this ebook changed my way of thinking. The success of my readers, fans, followers, customers, and clients is what inspires me to help.

Copper rivet series camera
Simple Necklace Tree T-Bar Display
How do you stay motivated on a daily basis juggling your business, your Etsy shop, and your family?
Providing for my family is my main motivation. It helps to have a wife that shares the same vision of owning your own business. Yes at times it is a struggle to get everything done business wise and still have time for a life and family.

Do you have a book that has inspired you and help you gain focus for your business?
I don't really have one particular book that comes to mind, but there isn't one day that goes by that I am not learning something new. I am always on the hunt for articles, ebooks, videos, you name it!

What is your favorite part of running your business?
My wife owns her own photography business,so I love being able work at home with my wife and son. The flexibility of owning your own business is awesome... right now we are planing our first family vacation!

Here is a Television News story about Tim and his Business

Thank you Tim for taking the time to share your inspiring story with us!

Connect with Tim - Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Etsy shop ~ Website

If you could ask Timothy one question what would it be?
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  1. Inspiring interview! I love that Timothy and his wife are both self employed with their creativity! It is amazing what the internet can do for our businesses. It really makes it easy to grow steadily in a global marketplace.

  2. Thanks for this interview. I've followed Tim since about 2008 and it is always nice to see how things have progressed for him.

  3. Awesome interview!
    I haven't had too much time to visit blogs this week, so I'll have to go back and look at all the posts I've missed. It was really great to get to know the guy behind Handmadeology! My favorite part was reading about his inspiration.


  4. Tim is great. I've been following is advice the last couple of months and my stats have continuously increased over this period of time. Keep on keeping on, Tim!

  5. I just recently discovered Handmadeology and have been loving scouring through the website learning new things. Thanks for sharing this interview!

  6. Thanks for interviewing me Valerie! I love hearing how Handmadeology has helped sellers!!

  7. Valerie, I first heard of Handmadeology through your blog, and visit it for advice plus tried and true info. Thanks for that intro to the site and for this series. Timothy is providing a great service, wishing continued success and good luck to him and his businesses!

  8. Hi from Etsy Blog team.

    Timothys story is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

  9. So interesting to learn more about Tim. I used to be a contributor for Handmadeology but then my blog took off and time was scarce. Anyway, there is much to be learned from Timothy Adam.

  10. i love handmadeology! great to find this interview :)

    just popped over from the etsy blog team to follow - great blog, glad i visited!

  11. I've been following both of your blogs for years.

    Tim introduced me to social media and I can now say that I am getting orders from Facebook and Pinterest.

    Keep up the great work, Tim and Valerie.

  12. Fantastic interview Valerie! I really love this series and am looking foward to "picking" Timothy Adam's website for advice!

  13. I think it's great that someone successful is so willing to share what they have learned to help someone else. This was a great post, Valerie!

  14. Wow - that's so incredible that he actually had to quit his job to run his business! I think it's amazing that people are able to support themselves through small online businesses, and it's obvious that Timothy has tons of great advice for entrepreneurs. :) Thank you to both Timothy and you, Valerie, for sharing with us!

  15. Love it. Love his work, both the metal and the blog. Fell in love with the metal first. It is always fun to see what it is that makes a successful person tick.


  16. Great interview, he has so much info to share! I love that what inspires him, is the success of others ~ perfect. :)


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