Artist to Know - Matteo Pugliese

These men emerging from bare, white walls are the works of Milan-based artist Matteo Pugliese. 

These sculptures are very intriguing. It's difficult to tell whether the statues are materializing out of the vertical encasement or actually submerging into a pool of white. Are they breaking free or being engulfed? It's a fascinating thought to ponder.

 View more of Mattel Pugliese work on his website.
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  1. wow. awesome sculptures!
    shared on my FB page.

  2. Whoa...those are really awesome!!!

  3. How cool! I love the one with his back to us and his feet hanging out! Great pieces!

  4. I saw every single one as breaking free until you offered up the second scenario... pretty cool. :)

  5. Wow, those are so cool! Such a great concept...some people are so creative. :) I love all of your artist-to-know posts, and this one was no exception! :D


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