Share a Valentine with a Friend

Check out these cool Etsy finds that you can share with a friend.

BFF Best Friend pendant set by flapperdoodle

Handmade Journal / Notebook by Newleafjournals

Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts Collection by ChouquetteShop

Scrabble Tile Keychain by IncredibleHip

Pretty Little Lichen Vessel Terrarium by TinyTerrains

Blue Heart Collection by lorisplace
Zipper Flower Brooch by bloomingaccent

Visit these shops, they have a variety of items you can share with a friend.

Do you share Valenitne's with your friends?
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  1. I love these ideas. I love sharing valentine's with friends.

  2. The terrarium is beautiful and what a lovely idea!!

  3. Haha, those pendants are fantastic! And I absolutely love terrariums...they're so gorgeous and adorable. <3 Great finds!

  4. I love the telephone pendants...a fun update on the old BFF heart necklaces!
    And those cookies would put anyone on my BFF list!

  5. One of these days I am going to order some cookies from Etsy... they all look so yummy!! :)

  6. These are all beautiful (and delicious looking!) ideas. The terrarium really is extraordinary!

    Thank you so much Valerie, for adding the Knit-a-Squillion button to your blog! You are wonderful!!

  7. Great selections! The best friend pendants are adorable!

  8. Ah, amazing finds... all of them! Especially the pendant. Only girls know what a best friend is :)


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