DIY Friday

Want to spruce up your office for the new year? Here are some cool ideas you can craft yourself and the last idea just to make life easier.

Perfect use for scrap paper and making files more fun to look at.

Pipe insulation to keep your cords tidy.

Use a permanent marker to add color and designs to your staples

Source: google.com via Heather on Pinterest

Make your book shelves spin with a lazy susan

Source: bhg.com via Dawn on Pinterest

Tin cans or paint cans would be perfect for this project

Best idea ever! No more bending down and looking for the cord.

What have you done to your work space for the new year?

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  1. Love the pink notes! And the last idea for the plug in is great!

  2. The cord holder! How did I not think of that!? I have tons of things I'm always digging in a wire mess for. I'm on that!

  3. Oh, the spinning shelves! I could really use those!

  4. I can't wait to actually have a home office to implement all these lovely ideas!! Thanks!

  5. GREAT ideas! me too, can't wait to have a proper home office other than the dining table and laptop.

  6. Wow...those are truly "no duh" moments! Love them! Doing the last cord clippie thingie right now!

  7. I will have to do the can project.

  8. oooh i want bookshelves that spin!

  9. I love both the cord ideas, someone was really thinking! :)

  10. Love these ideas. Especially the pen holders. x Julie

  11. Great ideas! The binder clips as a cord holder is brilliant! I love those lazy susan units too.


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