Bursts of Inspiration

Life has been really busy lately. I have two shows this weekend, a two day show next weekend in Minneapolis, MN, and 2 more shows when I get back to town.

My main goal for the last few weeks is to build up my inventory. I realized that it's a little challenging to come up with new ideas under a time crunch.

I have been creating mostly of my staple pieces over and over feeling a little like a production line, but in the process of creating these pieces and pulling out supplies I get little bursts of inspiration.

Here are a few pieces that came out of my little bursts of inspiration.

Hardware Hoop Earrings
Mixed Hardware earrings
Most of these styles will be available in my Etsy shop by next week. I will be offering Free Shipping in my shop starting on Monday till 11/28. If you want first pick, shop now and use coupon code FREESHIP11.

Do you feel inspired when you have a lot to do in a little bit if time?

Live in the Chicagoland area, I will be showing all my new pieces at DIY on Saturday and the Passion for Style  on Sunday. Stop by and say HI!

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  1. Yes, the more I cook the more I want to experiment. My gifts class maxed out with 17 recipes and tons of presentation ideas. My mind is still buzzing!

  2. gorgeous pieces! I am preparing for my first two shows ever and I must say I admire people like you who work so hard toward the shows... my hands are killing me already, best of luck!

  3. Wow, I LOVE that first piece. Good luck with the shows!

  4. all the best at the shows! I know you work very hard to get ready

  5. My inspirations comes in bursts and I take full advantage when it hits me. Lately I've been floating around ideas for a retro inspired solid shampoo line, but I'm holding myself back because I'm not entirely sure I like the look I'm contemplating. Stifling creative bursts are the worse. I don't know how long I can hold it back.

  6. Lovely work! Yes, I get inspired mostly when I'm busy, busy!! Good luck with the shows!

  7. Love the first piece! Good luck with the shows and staying sane :p

  8. What neat new pieces - I love the first and the second ones. :) Good luck at the shows - I hope you make tons of money! :D

  9. Hm, having a lot to do in a little time is energizing but only if I manage to get rid of the worries about time. Hardly ever inspiration comes in such moments. But the necklace on the first photo is great!


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