Be Bold

I’ve noticed a lot of bright colors with minimal details in design. I especially love the bright reds that I’m seeing everywhere from Marc Jacobs to DKNY. I love that red alone can make a big statement and really help you stand out. But it can be hard to create a head to toe look that is completely red. I would love to pair it with some neutral colors like a nude blazer or trousers. Or just wearing red trousers with a nude or white blouse. It would still look very sharp and make a big bold statement.

Would you try to make a bold fashion statement in red?

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  1. I love bold colors! I don't usually do red, just because I have red hair and it doesn't really go well together, but I love wearing orange!

  2. I like the simplicity of these outfits - mostly just the clothes and the shoes, and yet they can make a statement. :)

  3. amazing... I have so many prints and polka dots, that one colour would be a huge change and a great statement too and could totally go for this all red deal!

  4. On the right complexion totally red can rock and I wish I had that complextion. Unfortunately, though I love the color red and think it is very dynamic, I can't wear it, especially from head to toe. I do really like the clean, simple lines of these fabulous fashion picks.

  5. Obviously I am a bold color kind of girl:):) Love reds in all shades and I painted my Den/Library red:):)

  6. These outfits are amazing! I love red and feel fantastic when I wear it, especially when I don the red lipstick as well! It is so fascinating how wearing a certain color can affect your mood and confidence. ~Val


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