Be Inspired - Metal

Words to Inspire

“Life should be like the precious metals, weigh much in little bulk”

Idea to Inspire

There are many types of metals you can use to embellish your artwork, find your favorite and let it inspire a  project today.

Photos to Inspired

Today amazing abstract photos of metal from Flickr.

Metal Fence
Metal Fence by m4barcelona

Metal Light
Metal light by AJEPhotography

metal 6170
metal 6170 by s.alt

Metal filings 06
metal filings o6 by thesqueedler

Untitled by Alt_Gr www.nilesisfeld.de
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  1. As always great pictures! I love objects made, re-made and recycled of old metal.

  2. Such neat photos... I just love the metal light! :D And that quote is true, too. :) Great finds!

  3. It's amazing the things that can be created. It seems there is no end to the imagination.

  4. Cool! I love the one of the metal shavings.

  5. I totally love photos that make me wonder what I see!


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