Be Inspired - Night Lights

Words to Inspire

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”
Vincent van Gogh

Idea to Inspire

Remember that inspiration is all around us during the day and through the night. When the sun sets step outside and see what sights, sounds, and smells inspire you.

Photos to Inspire

The lights of the city at night create inspiring views with different shapes, textures and colors.  These Flickr photographers have found the perfect spot for these beautiful shot.  Note - the last photo in this collection is an amazing painting .  Take a moment click on it and see all the detail he has included in this view of the city lights from space.

City Lights (222/365)
City Lights 222/365 by Dave Worrell

Deep City Lights....
Deep City Lights by eRachel11

city lights
city lights by konstantinos **

night city lights
night city lights by www.andreygorlov.ru

City Lights
City Lights by hipydeus
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  1. These are amazing! I can't believe that last one is a painting. How cool!!! ~Val

  2. Wonderful pictures! I always hesitate to take pictures by night but I will give it a try because those pictures are amazing.

  3. Those photos are absolutely stunning - but what caught my eye the most is the fact that it's Wednesday! I thought it was Tuesday all day!! I feel freaked out like I just lost a day.

  4. I love night pictures! these are great.

  5. Gorgeous!! One thing I love about night is flying into a big, well lit city...it always gives a really unique perspective on how large the city is. :-)

  6. Cities can be so pretty at night! These photos are so gorgeous - and that painting is incredible. I'd never have guessed it wasn't a photo! Great finds, Valerie, I especially love photos 1 and 4. :)


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