Motivation Monday

I am always amazed at the amount of talent on internet.  I run across a new artist, writer, or business almost everyday.

We spend a lot of time online running our business, writing our blogs, and doing social media, but it's also a great place to find people who can inspire and motivate you.

Motivate yourself by following people, websites, and blogs of people who are succeeding.

By following these sites you can learn new ideas, be inspired, and use them to motivate yourself to strive for success.

When you need a little boost of motivation visit these inspiring blogs, websites, and shops read about what's new, enjoy their artwork, find that little something you need to move forward with your own goals.

Do you follow motivating sites?

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  1. Why yes, I follow this blog! That motivates me on a regular basis. :)
    I also get excited when I find a pattern I want to try, or just when someone makes me laugh.

  2. You are always the perfect dose of inspiration! xoxo

  3. Thanks Raige and Jennifer! Having wonderful followers such as yourselves is what motivates me to keep going everyday.

  4. Success seems to follow positive thoughts and actions. It helps to visit sites and associate with people who offer us positive inspiration which diverts our focus from the ugly realities of the world around us. Sometimes too much bad news is more than our brains can assimilate and too many negative thoughts impedes the flow of positive energy.

    You have a blog that truly lives up to it's banner and I think your jewelry is absolutely inspired.

  5. Thank you so much Almost Precious!

  6. I just have to visit all those who visit me to find some element that is inspiring! Julie

  7. I regulary visit a handful of blogs that motivate me, including your blog. Like you, I find new and inspiring stuff on-line daily.

  8. Yes, I definitely choose my blogs carefully! :) I'm often inspired by the people I come across and as an added, most wonderful bonus, I've made a circle of really awesome friends. :)


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