Journal Prompt - Feel More Positive

Much of our mood depends on what we pay attention to. We tend to focus on the negative things happening in our day which increases our anxiety and may cause depression.

Today's journal prompt is all about changing that outlook. Every evening for a week write down three things that went well for you that day.

The key is to become aware of and reflect on positive events. Acknowledging these positive experiences will raise your mood, give you less anxiety, and get you out of the mind set that nothing ever goes right.

Try if for a week, and then two, and then a month.  The more you do it the more you can improve your well being.

What do you do to stay positive?

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  1. perfect timing for me Valerie, thank you!!
    So much has been going wrong, and it is difficult to stay positive. I am going to try this - and get hubby to too (maybe - he is the yin, I am the yang).

    I take cues from nature usually to try to stay positive. I take a minute and look around and notice how beautiful and simple it is, watch the birds, squirrels, bugs. They remind me the life is here to be enjoyed.

  2. Val, I wonder if it's human to focus on negative things when you don't want them to become more negative. I call it being on a merry go round because you're sitting on a pretty horse going 'round and 'round at the center of the same scenery. This attracts negativity whirlwind. In this way it's easy to miss positive things such as those simple things...walking the dog, smiling at a neighbor, waving at your honey when he's pulling into the driveway, leaving unexpected goodies out on the counter, the way you said hello to someone; how you felt when you saw someone help another. My point is that sometimes it gets hard to point out the positive especially because I think there's a tendency to want the postive to be huge, to reach out across the ocean when it just needs to touch the moment in front of you.

    Thanks for your posting.


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