Crazy Ideas for Inspiration

Sometimes when you need a little inspiration, the traditional ideas like taking a walk, reading a magazine, or taking a field trip, may take to long to get your creative juices flowing.

You may need to try something a that is quick, easy, and little drastic.

Check out this list of ideas. They are easy everyday thing that may help your brain create new combinations of thought, and result in a new idea.

Some of these ideas may seem kind of weird, but try one and see what happens.

• Wear colored goggles
• Put ear plugs in your ears
• Take off your shoes
• Smell flowers
• Blow soap bubbles
• Chew bubble gum and blow bubbles
• Raise both your arms for 60 seconds
• Look out a window and stare at something for 60 seconds
• Do 10 sit ups
• Hold your breath for 30 seconds
• Just close your eyes and relax

Make sure you have a pencil and paper close by so you can jot down thoughts and ideas as they come to you.  Don't evaluate what your write down, the point is to generate lots of ideas and explore different directions.

All these ideas are quick and easy. Give one a try anytime you need a quick boost.

What is the craziest idea you have tried to get a little inspiration?

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1 comment:

  1. Just simple stretching energizes you and makes thought flow.

    Have a great day



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