Take a Field Trip

Sometimes you need a break from the everyday grind. It's necessary to find ways to take breaks, get out, and be inspired.

Why not take a field trip.

Visit a park and explore nature. Their is so much to see and enjoy outdoors.

Check out a new exhibit at your museum or a gallery.

Go to the library and pull out a variety of art books, spend the afternoon looking at pictures and reading about artists.

How about a online field trip. Take an hour or two and read all your favorite blogs, look at websites, find new sites to add to you bookmarks for future inspiration.

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Taking a field trip is a great way to recharge, if you've had a long day, can't seem to get things done, or just need a break.

What kind of field trip do you want to have?

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  1. I love the idea of going on field trips!

  2. i totally know wat you mean about taking a break. I am dying to spend a day at the beach with my hubby and son! :)

  3. Creative Minds, take a day and go to the beach, that sounds wonderful!

  4. field trips are good.... even if it is a just a short walk outside... hooray for breaks! ;)

  5. I agree. I like to go down to the local river to get my field trip fix. Then I feel lighter and inspired

  6. Fantastic idea! I love exploring new places by myself. I always feel energized after.

  7. I try to take at least one field trip every week. it keeps me inspired.
    And I do actually refer to them as "field trips" even if I am almost 30.


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