Creative Business - Create First

There are days when I go through the whole day working on the computer.  I start each day with the intention of making jewelry that day, but for some reason the computer sucks me in and I run out of time to create.

The reason I started my business was so I could make jewelry, but some days I let running my business take over.

I have found a few ideas that have helped me find time each day to create.  Give these tips a try when you need to find time in your day to create.

♦ Have a creative day once a week - Here is a post with a few ideas - Plan a Creative Day.

♦ Schedule creative time on your calendar everyday - Use a timer to help you know when to stop working on the computer.

♦ Start your day creating and turn on your computer in the afternoon - One of my new favorites.  I get more done when I start my day this way.

All are easy ideas, you just need to make the commitment to give yourself time to be creative.

Do you find time everyday to create?

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  1. Great post. I usually create on the weekends when my Etsy teams aren't that active.

  2. This is the hardest for me as well! I try to limit my time online, love the timer idea! It's very frustrating to finish all my work on the computer, only to realize there's no time left to create!

  3. The computer is so addicting, isn't it?! It can be hard to get off, there's just so much you keep wanting to do! Blog, read blogs, list on Etsy, little random things... :)

  4. It is funny how online business becomes all you can do...the business part of it.

    I start my day very early. I like to get my blog pot up, post the link around, comment on blogs and then I can make/create. There are days when I sit here and work on hand stitching while I promote. It tales longer, but I feel like more gets accomplished this way.

    Have a wonderful day!


  5. It so hard when it's just you (and in my case, my mom, but I do most of the online stuff) doing every aspect of your business. I don't know what takes more time - creating something or photographing, listing, describing, and marketing it.
    Another tip is to get a schedule/system down. Plan what order you're going to blog, tweet, FB, etsy, whatever, and try to overlap if you can (like linking FB to twitter.) Give yourself a time limit for each thing, then shut the computer down when you're done! Now, if I could only take my own advice. :)

  6. I'm either on the computer way too much, or I don't want anything to do with it at all (including my business). Some days I just don't feel like it, and those days have been growing in number lately :(

  7. I too have the hardest time getting off the computer. I've thought about using the timer, maybe I should stop thinking and start doing!!

  8. Great tips! I always do it backwards. I start with a long breakfast in front of the computer and before I realize it, it is lunch time. And so half of the day if gone. Not good. I have to change the strategy.

  9. Definitely something I think many of us deal with. I usually check in in the morning, but then do most of my actual work in the afternoon, or even after dinner (like now). I never knew how much time would be invested in launching and sustaining an online business! It's probably a good thing... it may have scared me away!! ;)

  10. Maybe this is bad, but I do a lot of my etsy time while I'm at my day job...so in the evenings I do my housework and create during my spare time. The only computer stuff I have to do at home is blogging, because...blogspot is blocked at work :)

  11. I agree, the internet really sucks you in! Unfortunately most of my sales occur overnight (I'm in Australia and sales come from the US) so I have to go to the computer first thing. But I try to be diligent and only do the sales related stuff and relisting whilst people are still awake. I then go back at lunchtime to do my lbog and have a quick look at others posts. (that's when I get sucked in!


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