Be Inspired - Spring Trees

Words to Inspire

“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.”

Idea to Inspire

Sit outside under a tree today for a little inspiration from nature.

Photos to Inspire

It's always amazing to me how one week the trees are bare and the next the are full of blooms and green leaves.  These photos from Flickr have captured the essence of the spring tree.

The Spring Tree
The Spring Tree by Nordicflower.com

Gorgeous Spring Maple Tree
Gorgeous Spring Maple Tree by Stan Zimny

spring tree
spring tree by Yollah

Spring tree
Spring tree by pninaN

Spring Tree in the Sunlight
Spring Tree in the Sunlight by amyboemig
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  1. What vibrant photos! I think I like Yollah's best... it's so natural. The other ones are so bright it hurst to look at most of them (which stinks because the colors are so pretty!) but the third one is simple and gorgeous. :)

  2. the trees up here are just starting to slightly turn green - the sun is out and I am hoping to see blossoms soon!!

  3. Aren't trees wonderful? I was just noticing the colors on my walk today and wondering why we only think of autumn and the brilliant leaves. Spring is just as fabulous! :)


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