There are times when you sit in front of your blank journal and just don't know what to write.

Journal prompts are a good way to spark an idea.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Retell your earliest memories from childhood.
• Find a photo in a magazine of a person you don't know and create a story about their life.
• Reflect on the things you value or enjoy in life
• Make a list of all your favorite jewelry and why the items is special to you
• Fill in the blanks:  In five years I'd love to be _________. 

We all need a little nudge to get the words flowing sometimes.  If none of these ideas are working for you try looking online for journal prompts, there are many options to get you started.

Theses ideas are also great prompts to start a new piece of artwork.  Let the ideas inspire you to discover a new direction.

Do you use journal prompts when you get a little stuck for ideas?

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