Invest in your Business

How have you invested in your business lately?

I am not talking about investing money (well maybe a little), but investing in yourself and your skills.

When investing in yourself that means staying healthy by eating right and exercising, fulfilling your spirit by staying motivated and inspired, and increasing your knowledge to expand your business.

One of the best ways to invest in your business is to learn new ideas and techniques.

Taking classes in your medium to learn new skills that will help you come up with new ideas and expand your designs.

Participating in online workshop, reading e-books, and networking locally, will help you develop new skills to help grow your business.

Check out these resources for learning online:

The Crafted Webmaster

How have you invested in your business recently?
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  1. I'm investing time and materials right now, but mostly time. I'm spending my time coming up with branding for my shop that will eventually impact my shop look, biz cards, blog, Twitter and Facebook shop page.

    I'm also investing time (and some materials) in coming up with new products for my shop. I'm making test items to give out to friends and co-workers, and asking for their feedback.

    I wish everything could be finished RIGHT NOW, but that's not how it works. And looking back, it's nice to see the journey that everything takes.

  2. ugh I've been feeling so lazy lately. I need winter to be over. It's hard to be motivated.

  3. Ashley, it sounds like you are working hard right now and really investing in your business. Good luck with all your changes.

    Vicky, it's hard to stay motivated. Sometimes you just have to take baby steps to keep you moving forward.

    I really want winter to be over too!


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