Create with a Friend

Creating is something we normally do alone.  We spend time trying to stay motivated, inspired, and creative everyday.

A couple of weeks ago I had a post about borrowing tools and ideas from a friend, even hosting a crafting party. All good ideas for inspiration and to boost your creativity. 

Today is about spending a day creating with a friend.  Let them join you in your creative process. It's the perfect time to talk about art, brainstorm new ideas, and motivate each other.

I have a creative friend that is a mixed media artist and she loves to share her supplies with me.  We try to have art dates at least once every 3 months.  Together we talk about art and books, we bounce ideas off each other, and inspire each other creatively.

Do you have a friend that you share creative ideas with?

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  1. Usually when I do scrap booking I do it in a small group and it is fun to share supplies and look at each others pages for ideas. Other people's creativity is very inspiring and I always walk away with tons of fresh designs.

  2. I do! I get together with one of my old art teacher colleagues and we make stuff- I teach her my trades and she teaches me hers. It's so much fun!


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