Borrow from a Friend

Sometimes you just need a break from what you are creating and to try something new.  Maybe you don't want to invest money into trying new techniques, well why not borrow supplies and ideas from a friend.

We all have friends that are crafty and working in different mediums, why not ask if you can borrow their favorite tool/supplies for the weekend.

Better yet, have a crafting party.  Pull out your supplies/tools, invite a few friends to bring theirs, and then everyone will have an opportunity to try something new.

When you get the items use them in a variety of ways, experiment, work with lots of materials.  It's a chance to step out of your box and really do something different.  

I borrowed alcohol inks from a friend of mine and experimented with adding color to the washers.  It was really cool, I might even buy myself a set now that I know how well they work on metal.  Working with them gave me lots of ideas and you may see a few of them in my Etsy shop soon.

Borrowing tools or techniques is a simple way to experiment with new materials, and give yourself a fresh infusion of inspiration.

Have you borrowed tool/supplies/techniques from a friend, and discovered a new idea?

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1 comment:

  1. Mmm, good idea! It was a friend who said, "Come, use my materials and tools!" who first got me into beading. :)


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