my doodles
I always doodle.  It's one of those things I do when I am on the phone, trying to come up with ideas, and when I am board.

It's always funny to me the things that I doodle when I don't think about it.  I am really drawn to eyes and draw them a lot.  I also draw flowers, but for some reason oddly shaped flowers.

My favorite thing to doodle is geometric shapes.  I draw them in the margins in my date book, on my pad of paper, or my notebook.  I really like taking simple shapes and turning them into something else.  Kind of like in my metal work.

A few times my doodles have made it into my work, or inspired an idea.

Doodling is a form of open-eyed mediation, and can help quite and clear your mind.  You can draw whatever you want, it's best to not even think about what you are creating and just let yourself get lost in the process.  It is great for bring you back to a place of balance.

Do you doodle?  Do you have a favorite thing that you like to draw when you are doodling?

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  1. your doodles are so good. I can't draw, so my doodles just look like chicken scratch. I guess I don't allow myself to venture too far out of just scribble. I guess I have to try to hard when I try to draw, so my doodling seems like an effort. But sertainly something to consider and a way to free myself....I should get lost in the doodle!

  2. I doodle little cartoon animals, in particular a turtle most of the time :) Doodling is such a good way to calm the mind.

  3. Doodles are funny...you don't really think when you do them...they kind of just happen. I usually doodle when I'm on the phone or thinking about other things...mine usually are just shapes, geometric, sometimes flowers.
    Yours are cool!

  4. Interesting post. I'm not a doodler but maybe I should start and see what comes out on the paper! ~Val

  5. I doodle off and on. I have been doodling on all my packages for customers....random things and a turtle that says "Thanks". :) It's been popular so far!

  6. I had a drawing prof. in college who used to ask us, "What is your potato?" He used to gravitate towards potato-like shapes when he doodled and I suppose that was a big deal to him in terms of what he created beyond that.

  7. I catch myself doodling daisies & peace signs alot along with the funny faced mushrooms when I am really into it. lol

  8. Hahaha! Oh yes, doodling is wonderful. I almost have to doodle in order to concentrate, and it used to get me nasty glares in classes and in meetings. I doodle eyes, faces, horses, ships, angels, historical and cultural things, and (for some bizarrrrre reason) colonial men playing badminton. 0,o Don't ask. I also tend to doodle things from pop culture sources that I like, TV shows and video game stuff. Let me see if I can scare up a couple of links for you...

  9. Here we go, links to some doodles. I can't seem to get the hyperlinks to work, so they will have to be put in manually, I guess. :( Sorry about that.


    I forgot how often I doodle musicians...

  10. Thanks everyone for sharing what doodles you like to draw!

    Jamberry_song your doodles are amazing!! Thanks for sharing the links./

  11. My doodles while I'm on the phone aren't nearly as cool as yours! I tend to doodle little stick figures and trace over notes I've already written....and sometimes weird patterns. I wonder if my mind is really with the person on the phone with me, lol.


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