Workspace Inspiration

I love my books!

I know I have told you that many times, but out of everything in my office/studio I find my books to be most inspiring.

I pull a book from my collection everyday. Sometimes I don't even have to take the books off the shelf to be inspired, just looking at them gives me ideas.

What is the most inspiring thing in your office/workspace/studio?

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  1. Ooooh! I feel the same way about my books although I don't keep them in my workroom.Seeing the picture of yours makes me envious -- wish I could come browse through your collection. :-)

    I often find inspiration in my supplies. I'll go to my desk and just start pulling stuff out and finding things that work together and build from there. ...and I never cease to be inspired every time I go to the hardware store. I love exploring the little bins of nuts and bolts and stuff and seeing what jumps out at me.

    Thanks for posting. I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur, but I love getting glimpses of other peoples' work spaces.

  2. My etsy finds that are hanging all around my office. There are many shops represented on my walls!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Amy, I know what you mean, my family hates to go to the hardware store with me, I can spend hours walking around and looking.

  4. I love my books too! Books and nature, top inspiration sources for me.

    I have moved my blog so from now on you should be following me on the new one :

    thank you,xx

  5. To answer your question: history and light. It's a rare day when there is enough light coming through the windows and my stuff is full of history (memories, people, places, and thoughts.) Great question.

  6. Looks like my office AND my studio! I am literally surrounded by books all the time and love to shop for used books, for hours, on Amazon. :-)

    I am most inspired by books and music.

  7. Ren, I am with you. I spend hours on Amazon.com.


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