A Unique Canvas

Consider your refrigerator - it's probably an evolving collage of your daily life for everyone to see. Most people have their surface covered with magnets, artwork, phone numbers, to-do lists, quotations, and photos.

This content changes over time, and there is no fixed composition. Why can't these elements be a art showcase?

You can move the items you have on your fridge now into an interesting composition, making your refrigerator a piece of art.

You could also purposely put art on your refrigerator to create an gallery effect.  You can change your art all the time or just for the seasons.  Maybe you will find one pieces that is just perfect and make it the center piece for your kitchen. This way your refrigerator becomes a canvas for great art.

I know not everyone likes things on their refrigerator, but just think how one beautiful picture in the center or a corner of your refrigerator would add an extra shot of color in a room that normally does not have a lot of art.

What kind of things do you have on your refrigerator? 

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