What do your Doodle's Mean?

Last week I had a post about doodling and I shared the things I like to doodle and received lots of comments about what others like to doodle.

Jamberry_Song shared links to some of her doodles, and they are really cool!   Check them out:

Since last weeks post a friend of mine gave me a book about doodling.  It's called The Doodle Diary by Nancy S. Nelson.  It's a great book with pages I can doodle on and a dictionary for deciphering the meaning of our doodles.

I like drawing eyes, oddly shaped flower, and geometric shapes, well I found out what that means about me:

Eyes - show how you see the world
Flowers - fully opened flowers means I'm highly developed
geometric shapes (I draw mostly squares) - purposeful type who likes structure and discipline

Here are a couple of meanings, from some comments I received last week from the Doodling post:

Amanda from Milk & Honey Handbags mentioned one of the things she liked to draw were turtles. Turtles mean longevity and strength.

Four20Moon from Tie Dye Grrl mentioned daisy's, daisy's are considered a happy doodle, and that you like to make things come out right.

Want to know what your doodles say about you, leave me a comment of what you like to doodle and I will look it up and leave a comment with the answer.  Don't forget to stop back to find out what your doodles means.

Want your answer kept private drop me a email additionsstyleblog@gmail.com.
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  1. Okay, this sounds cool! I doodle intricate mandalas, swirls and pointed petal flowers... : )

  2. Hi Lotus,

    Thanks for participating!

    Mandalas is the universe as you see it. If your world is chaotic a lot of scribbles will show up inside your circle. If things are in order and you are at peace, you will fill your circle with organized shapes.

    Flowers, when doodled repeatedly you have a love of beauty and may be searching for love. If you create small buds that show a potential for growth, fully opened flowers means you're highly developed.

    Swirls, demonstrates that you have a lots of energy but lack of direction.

    Let me know what you think.

  3. that is so interesting! That book is a great resource. I don't doodle much....just lines usually, circles, sometime flowers, though they are drawn similar to a 5 year olds. :)

  4. Hi Raige,

    Here what the books says about lines and circles.

    Lines - Very short, sketchy strokes show that your anxious or uncertain. Long straight lines show determination and an ability to be decisive. Slightly curved lines are doodled when you're slow at making decisions.

    Circles - Reality, love, and playfulness. If you fill you circles with designs, shapes, faces, etc., you are an interesting, creative person who is filled with ideas.

  5. I rarely doodle much these days, blame it on the keyboard. My doodles have changed as the years passed- need to get back to that time of optimism and forward thinking. The post you made about doodling is great!


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