Make 2011 A Great Year

I just finished reading Natasha Dern's 100 Tips to  Make 2011 the Best Year of Your Life! on the Huffington Post website and found some great ideas that are easy to incorporate into everyday life.

The list will make you think about how things are now and what you can do to make this a great year.  Here are my top 10 from the list.  Check out the list and create your own top 10.

Know that you have a mission
Seek out mentors who can inspire your path
Clarify what your skills are worth
Reinvent yourself
Take time to smell the roses
Make your own opportunities
Stay motivated and pass it on
Trust your instincts
Follow your bliss
Remember that determination unlocks the door to your potential

Share one things you are going to do to make 2011 the best year of your life.
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