Journal Prompt - Dream Big

The new year has just begun and it the perfect time to plan for your year to come.  The best part of the setting your goals for the year is to have an overall vision of what you want your year to look like.

When you have a little time for yourself grab your journal and a cup of tea and create a list of how you envision your life in 2011.

Health &Well being
Personal Growth
Fun, Recreation, Creativity
Physical Environment

Here are a few of questions to ask yourself to help you get started:
• What kind of accomplishments or experiences do you want in 2011?
• How do you want to feel (emotionally, physically, and spiritually).
• What support do you need to get you going and to stay on track?

I know when I plan I need to plan in smaller chunks of time (usually quarterly), but this exercise helped me see where I wanted to take my business in 2011, and I hope this help you get started to a great 2011!

Do you create this type of list at the start of a new year?  Have you set your goals for 2011?

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  1. Good time to work on your goals is right! I see this quiet time as a good time to let the creative juices build up. My goal for this year is to create a dedicated space for creating and to attend more shows. I want to continue with baby steps.

  2. Plantress, baby steps are good. That is how I like to work too.

  3. I have been putting this off for a week now. I should be planning my business strategy but can't seem to sit down and "just do it"!

    Thanks for the reminder!



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