Whats Your Favorite Time Management Tip

It's a little crazy this time of the year, trying to juggle running a business, preparing for the holidays, and finding time for family and friends.

Good planning makes getting things done easier.  Creating list, using a calendar, and online organizing programs are a great way to stay on track.

Do you have a favorite time management tip that helps you this time of year?  Please share.
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  1. Especially this time of year, I have to make priority lists each day just to make sure I'm on track :) I'm a huge fan of notepads and sticky notes haha

  2. I like keeping a pad of paper by my bed so each morning I can map out my day. I have found I think of things in the morning I did not think of the night before.

  3. Lists, lists and more lists!! It's what works for me!

  4. Lists and Reminder. I need reminder as I forgot many things. :) Thanks for the tips.

  5. priority list is still the best for me! if i have it, all the other things will follow. its a great time management technique !


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