Journal Prompt - Your Fall Wardrobe Wish List

Fall is my favorite time of year and it's time to start thinking about our fall wardrobe.

It's the perfect time to pull out your journal / sketchbook and create your fall wardrobe wish list.

A wish list is really easy to put together:

• Get your favorite fashion magazines.
• Pull out all the looks you like and wish you could have.
• Put your looks together in a way that makes sense to you (color, style, trend...)
• Glue or tape the looks you desire to your journal / sketchbook.

Create a list of all the items you would like to purchase and a list of places you would like to shop. Shop at all your favorite discount stores with your journal / sketchbook and recreate the looks you liked best, by purchasing what you need.

Knowing what you want and how you want to look will make getting what you want for the fall season easier, more economical, and fulfilling.

How do you plan your looks for your seasonal wardrobe?

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  1. These are good tips!!! I am gonna try it this way. I didn't really plan, so I usually end up paying to much, and not looking like I wished.

  2. I love to cut pictures out and tape them to the wall near my closet. This way I have ideas so I don't get bored with my clothes. Currently I'm searching for a longer length blazer but they are hard to find for some reason. I also love the new Military inspired looks! I love fall too, mostly because of the boots and my son goes back to school so I can work quietly in my little corner!

  3. Joni, that is such a great idea to tape your ideas near your closet so the ideas are right there to inspire you.

  4. Plan my looks for my seasonal wardrobe? I never knew there was such a concept until I read your blog!


    (I *am* clearing out my closets/drawers … so I may just leverage this idea when I feel I've made adequate room for something new.)

  5. I like the idea of taking the cut out pictures to the discount stores -- I never would have thought of that ;)


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