Add a Pop of Color

As the seasons change and autumn approaches, our wardrobes get darker as we start to wear more black, brown, and gray in the cooler weather.

Color can instantly update those dark colors, giving you a warm glow, and make those dark day ahead not seem so daunting.

These fun accessories are perfect for adding that pop of color you need. Check out each of these Etsy shops they have a variety of items, one of them might be perfect for you.

Organic saddle pouch in grape by minus

Trench coat shortie in Pumpkin orange cotton twill by DeNovoStyle

Dahlia Fabric Flower Statement bib necklace freshMetal

Hand Knitted Knitting Green Capelet Cowl Neckwarmer by filofashion

French Navy Blue Leather Knot Wrap Belt by elizabethkelly

Orange and Pink Sari Silk Scarf by atelierfrost

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  1. Lovely finds! I was trying to pick a favorite but I couldn't... I covet them all :)

  2. I wear so much black, so this is a good reminder to pop my outfit with color. I don't like wearing belts, but I love the one you have pictured. Great color!

  3. Gorgeous finds!! I particularly love the necklaces!

  4. Beautiful finds to jazz up any woman's wardrobe!

  5. So true. I'm guilty of wearing only neutrals sometimes. And I do LOVE a pop of color!


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