Creative Business Quick Tip - Your Work Space

Regardless of the size of your workspace it's still important to nurture a happy workspace.

Here are a few ideas to create a workspace that will inspire and make you happy.

•Add something fresh to your area, a plant or flowers.

•Try to keep your space clean. That way you are not always thinking about the cleaning you need to do when your working.

•Add inspiring photo's on a cork board so you can change them often and move the board around so you can always see it and be inspired.

•Play music or add a fountain for pleasant background noise to keep you focused.

•Surround yourself with your favorite color. Use colorful desk accessories, cover a cork board with fabric, if you have your own space paint your room a color that makes you happy.

A clean and organized space makes working a lot easier.

studio before (I know very scary)

I used all these ideas when I organized my studio earlier this year. You can see all the before and after pictures in Transformations 2010. Even thou I was resistant at first, it has really changed how I feel when I come to work everyday. It's now a place where I enjoy working.

studio after

What have you done to your craft space to make it your own?

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  1. I work from our dining table and our couch! Haha, my work space has to be mobile, so I have everything dividing into containers (mostly neatly), and can move them wherever I need them. I also have a set of drawers on wheels for the same purpose with most of my fabric. Hoping to have a space as large as yours some day!

  2. Chelsea, a mobile work space is good. You can always work in a new location letting your new setting inspire you.

  3. wow..what a great after...:)) love the ideas..I just kinda redid mine by adding cabnets and sections..like scrapbook section sewing section. display section...u get the idea..:))

  4. Great tips! And what a transformation to your own studio. Yay for organization. :D

  5. I changed my workroom earlier this year, I now have a slightly larger space. I was determined not to clutter it so much as before, but the clutter seems to breed!
    I had another clear out yesterday, so now I'm off to sew some bunting. I have a photo line pinned on the wall behind my desk, and I peg favourite photos/cards/quotes etc to that.

    I totally agree with all your points, a tidy work space inspires me. A messy workshpace at the end of the day is a good sign though of a constructive time


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