When do you Feel Most Creative?

I am a morning person.

I like to get up in the morning exercise, spend some time outside, do my computer work and any paperwork I need to complete.

After most of my busy work is done, that is when I can be creative. I need to have projects and paperwork off my mind so I can spend my afternoon feeling my most creative.

Everyone has a different schedule and when they feel most productive. What is your best time of the day?

When do you feel most creative?

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  1. I'm currently working on finding out when exactly I feel most creative. But I'm getting the feeling that it is in the morning time.

    <3 Kelly


  2. It varies with me, but I do find I have creative ideas when I am relaxing to go to sleep, and the motivation to do these creative ideas after my chores are done late morning or afternoon, before the dinner rush. and sometimes at night I can work, but sometimes doze off too early.
    Love the pix here, they are inspiring themselves! I would love to sit out under that tree and see what great things come to me!

  3. this might sound odd but evenings are the worst time of day for me-always has been. I get restless and that is why it is the ideal time of day to create. If I use my worst time of day in this manner it becomes doubly furfilling to me to have it be an absorbing, happy, creative time. Does that make sense?

  4. definitely in the morning, its always a tough decision, whether to do house work or go in the studio. By the afternoon I'm always ready for a nap! lol

  5. See, I'm a night creator. Sometimes, on the weekends, I'll work in the afternoons, but it's usually an 8 to midnight shift for me. Always has been.

  6. I am still in the process of determining this. Sometimes, I am more creative and productive in the morning, and then other times I will have a great night. I can't decide what time is best!

  7. I wish I was a morning thinker! but I'm an O W L! lol
    I always sleep so late! I start feeling creative from 5pm til I fell sleep at 1...2...3am

  8. I'm with Lorena, I'm a night owl. My creativity usually strikes between 9pm and 2am. Which is great, unless I have to work the next morning. :-P I wish I was a morning person!


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