Journal Prompt

Inspiring Quote: When you are inspired by some great purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds: your mind transcends limitations, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.
Patanjali, Father of Yoga

When you have a few extra minutes, take out your journal/sketchbook and with pictures or words answer this question...

My great purpose is...

It's a big question and will require a little time to process your answer. Just remember to answer the question for yourself! No one has to ever see it but you, so be honest with yourself.

When you are having an off day, take out your book and reread your answer for a little boost.

When you are documenting your goals and dreams on paper, do you prefer to draw or write?

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  1. I'm a list maker, so I write them. I can't draw to save my life.

  2. I started going on walks and record my thoughts in a nice place to sit and think!

  3. I draw and add words of inspiration to go with them. I have quite a few art journals going at the same time and choose which one to work in depending on my mood. Sometimes I use only a simple pencil and then sometimes I go all out with color paint, amrkers and scraps of images!

  4. I write them and never thought of drawing them--the idea sounds like fun.

  5. I love both...hard for me to do only one or the other.. they go so well together! ;)

  6. I do both as well. Inspiring! Thank you.


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