Journal Prompt - Dreams

We know that inspiration can be found all around us everyday. But did you know you could be inspired while you sleep?

We all dream every night. We may not always remember them, but if you take a few minutes before you get out of bed in the morning to write or draw the basic ideas for you dream, list images, and also how you feel, your dreams can be valuable to you and your creative process.

The night before put you journal/sketchbook next to your bed. In the morning before you fully awake, think about the images your saw in your dream and a brief recap of what happened. Then open your eyes and write or draw everything your remember.

You need to do this right away when you wake up in the morning, because we forget 90% of our dream within 10 minutes of waking up.

Try writing down your dreams for a week. Use the images or ideas from your dreams to create a piece of art. Let your images inspire you, and guide you to new ideas.

Do you use your dream images when you are creating?

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  1. I keep meaning to do this, good idea.

  2. Love the Journal. I will have to try and make a piece art about my dream. That sounds like fun.
    Wonderful Blog :0)

  3. Interesting idea! I love any excuse to journal ;)

  4. Ah, dreaming … I do it sleeping and waking. :)

  5. I love to journal and have been writing down dreams since I was a teen.
    I made a pair of earrings once based on a dream I had. Unfortunately, they looked cooler in the dream!


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