Creative Business Quick Tip - Business Cards

This is a partial reprint of a post I did last year June. It's such a great tip, I thought I would share it again.

Business Cards

I rarely change purses, when I do I always forget something. Well one evening I was going out with my husband, and I dressed up, so I changed to a different purse.

While we were out 3 people asked me for cards and I was so mad because I had forgot to add some to my purse.

My husband shared with me a little secret of his about how he started putting extra cards in the pockets of his coats, his briefcase, and his travel luggage, because he was forgetting them when he traveled.

I thought what a great idea!

Put a few business cards in your extra purses, and the pockets of your coats you will never be without your cards, and the more cards you pass out the more exposure you will get for your business.

If nothing else, it will sure make it easier to remember to pass them out.

Do you take your business cards with you every time you leave the house?
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  1. that's a great tip, I often leave my bag at home so am without cards.....off to go put some in all my pockets now :)

  2. I definitely keep lots of extra cards in my purse- I've got a little fabric case for them that my mother made, and that helps me to find them in the depths of my purse!

  3. I take cards everywhere! A couple of weeks ago, I was in Walgreens, sick as a dog, and still handed out a business card to the super sweet clerk there.

  4. I keep a sort of "purse" within a purse type thing - a little pouch of things that I like to have with me, like lip gloss, business cards, cuticle cream (!), etc. If I change bags, I just swap that one thing and the more obvious wallet, keys, phone and I'm done. (Although to be honest it's never as easy as that).

  5. Great tip, I keep meaning to put some in my car.

  6. That is a very good tip! I'm not sure why I didn't think of that before. I'm quite the purse collector and I am always switching purses. Sometimes you just can't find the right one. I will definately pass this on to all of my customers I make cards for. Diana has a very good idea also.

  7. I do need to keep some in my car! Sometimes I run out w/ just my keys and need to keep some in my console. Thanks for sharing!


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