Accessory Style - Red, White & Blue

This weekend in the United States we are celebrating The Forth of July. In honor of the 4Th I have selected a collection of accessories, by a variety of Etsy artists, you can enjoy all summer long.

Red Shaggy Chainmaille Bracelet by janabolic

Vintage Style Feathered Half Hat in Red by janinebasil

White Nuno Felted Silk scarf by JVhomeworks

Lightweight vintage Woman's Hat in Navy by vintagejudy

Check out all the cool items in each shop, that will be perfect anytime of the year.

Have a great weekend, new post on Monday!
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  1. Gorgeous collection of red, white, and blue items! Thank you so much for including my bracelet. :] Have a wonderful weekend! ♥ Jana

  2. Lots of stunning stuff, thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely selection! That red feather hat is fantastic!


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